The Project

I've been passionate about the female body for several years... I'm passionate about it because half the population has one, the other half idolizes it; and yet so few members of the population truly know about the female body, understand the beauties and frustrations that women face as a result of their body, or even recognize how gorgeous they are.

It frustrates me, being a woman in my early 20's, to talk with women in the prime of their lives utterly despising their body for one reason or another. The fact is, no matter how drop dead gorgeous other people find you, there's always at least one or two "flaws" that you wish you could change. We are never satisfied.

There a hundred different hourglasses. Tall, short, pear-shaped, upside down pear-shaped, delicate and fragile, organic and strong, and everything in between. It's no secret that the fashion world and the media hails only one hourglass: the tall and slender. Yet people IRL appreciate all one hundred hourglasses so long as they are healthy. Yet people don't have the authority in these matters, the media does.

I want the explore the hourglasses: research the female form from a biological and historical standpoint, talk to average women from adolescence, to young adult, to adults; I'll talk to men to get an even broader perspective on the issue, I will interview the experts; and I'll share my own personal experiences and opinions. Please, if you have any interest in becoming part of the Hourglass Symposium, let me know! I would love to interview you and get your perspective on the female forms.