Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christina Hendricks: Esquire completely mutilating her figure

Just wanted to express how excited I was that the curvy 35 year old TV star Christina Hendricks from Mad Men and Firefly was named sexiest woman alive according to Esquire magazine, then was horrified when they did TERRIBLE photo editing to, get this, make her boobs seem smaller!?

What is wrong with this picture? Honestly, does that corset make sense in relation to Christina's breasts at all? The cup only seems to fill half of her breast, and the underwire cuts her boob in half leaving the rest of her boob to blur as part of her side. Especially if you look at the photos below of her in presumably the same corset outfit from the same photo shoot:

These photos show completely different breasts although she's in the same outfit. My question is that if Esquire claims that she's the sexiest in the world, and applauds her on ber beautiful natural curves, then why on Earth do they alter a photo to make her breasts seem smaller? Are breasts not "in style"? Below is a photo of Christina from a different photo shoot in which I believe her figure is shown more accurately, and you tell me if those boobs could have fit into the corset in the first Esquire picture!

After some interviews with her, she does not seem to have a negative view of her body at all. She doesn't even complain that she has a difficult time finding designers to make her clothes and dresses. Instead she finds that there are designers and clothes out there that work for her. Kudos to you, Christina, for being beautiful and confident!