Monday, April 18, 2011

The TARDIS's Holiday in Chicago

Rare photos have just been released to the public of the
TARDIS in the heart of Chicago!

, when the Doctor is not around, the TARDIS is a bit more than just the average blue box. Some timelords take a beautiful box and hide her away from the rest of the world, but this TARDIS just wants to have fun!

She was first spotted on the EL. First, let me just say, I really have to respect her for using public transportation. Being the ultimate transportation between time and space, the fact that she showed enough interest and compassion to walk in a train system's tracks, shows a level of integrity that I could not have imagined. She did not have any money to buy a ticket, but a kind man and the security guard were so taken by her blue beauty that they gave her a ticket and let her through.

When she arrived at the the Lake Street subway station, she met two doctor who fans who immediately recognized her and took pictures of her. She was a little shy at first, she's not used to so much attention, for usually she just stands still and although she'll stand right in the middle of town, people don't seem to see her... it's not that they can't see her, they just mysteriously do not wish to; but after hearing the joy from the fans, she quickly stepped out of her shy state and became a social and flirty TARDIS.

She talked to some musicians performing at the station, neither of them had seen or heard of a TARDIS and squinted in confusion at her strange ensemble, but they were grateful to see something so incredibly BLUE that they smiled and played more Beatles music. Thinking that she was out of the watchful gaze of the Doctor, she became a tad bit flirty with some of the passerbys; however, she kept on having the strange irking feeling that she was still somehow being watched.

She then surfaced into a forest of skyscrapers, taxis, and pedestrians. Overjoyed by all that she saw, She understood why the Doctor loves humanity so much, why despite their smallness in the great chasm of the universe, that they have something that none of the other species in the galaxies do... but she just quite couldn't put her finger on it.

Now, I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but the TARDIS is a very theatrical being, especially when she is wearing something as stylish as her Laura J Couture dress. So upon seeing the theaters around her, she ran up to the Oriental and bought herself a ticket to see her very first Broadway play! However, when the man selling her the tickets asked her if she wanted a house seat or a box, the TARDIS looked herself up and down and was a little confused.

Then, she found theatrics on a smaller scale on the street when she stumbled upon a puppet show! She waved to the puppets and started to dance with them and unintentionally drew in an audience of about 15 people. One woman took a picture with her and started to dance with her... the woman didn't know what a TARDIS was or who the Doctor was, but she really enjoyed Laura J Couture and was astounded to see something so incredibly BLUE.

The TARDIS then walked across passed the Willis Tower, the tallest skyscraper in America; the Picasso, State Street and the Marshall Fields/Macys clocks, Michigan Avenue, The Art Institute, and finally arrived at Millenium Park. Soon after arriving there, she heard an excited squeal behind her and heard, "It's a TARDIS!" she turned around to find two girls run up to her and take pictures of her. The said they were from Canada and didn't expect to see the TARDIS in Chi-town, but it was a surprising bonus to their trip.

She arrived at the famous Cloud Gate statue, more commonly known as "The Bean". She loved seeing the way the lovely Chicago skyline curved and contorted in the reflection. And for the first time saw her own reflection, and perhaps being a bit of a vain TARDIS, she twirled and admired her blueness in the Bean.

More tourists and Dr. Who fans took pictures of her, and she kept attracting a little butterfly dressed as a little 4 year old girl, but after hugs and conversations about the mysterious Doctor, the TARDIS began to miss her dashing timelord and let the winds of Lake Michigan and time carry her back to him, but not before leaving a lasting impression upon the city of Chicago.

Below are some of the pictures that the paparazzi took of the TARDIS enjoying her time in Millenium Park. Thank you Kriss Abigail for submitting such lovely photos.

(Photos by Kriss Abigail)

Behind the scenes of this adventure:

So I re-vamped my TARDIS dress after it fell apart during the shooting of the Cyphan Promo video and met up with Kriss to go gallivanting throughout Chi-town for a day in my dress for BBC America's TARDIS building competition.

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It sort of gave me a huge adrenaline rush standing out in the big city hearing all the different reactions. Almost all of what I wrote in the blog above was true: I met several Doctor who fans who took pictures of me and with me, some people who didn't know what I was dressed up as but it really made their day and they took pictures and complimented me all the same, and some people who literally exclaimed, "What the hell......". I had a lovely outing being the TARDIS with my photographer. I felt a little bad because we kept getting interrupted during the shoot to be photographed by other people, and eventually we had to tell them to stop so that we could get our shots in before it became dark and cold. Although it's April, it was 45 degrees out and we were right by the lake.