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2013 Golden Globe Fashion: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed

Even celebrities who have stylists helping them figure out their looks can have a difficult time figuring out what shapes and colors work best with their body type and skin tones when picking out Golden Globe dresses.

Here is an in depth look at not only who got it to work and who didn't, but why it worked and why it didn't. After going through all the looks, I announce the Fan Pic Winner voted by my readers!

Light Pink

Light pink is a bit risky of a choice. Part of its allure is that it blends into someone's skin tone and makes the dress a part of the body, but if done incorrectly can make the wearer seem washed out. Light pink suggests girliness, innocence, and femininity; and usually it usually downplays sexuality.

Jessica Alba made it work because she chose a pinky salmon that was close to her famously beautiful skin tone, but just off enough as to not wash her out. The shape highlighted her lovely upper body curves and the bottom train floated behind her in a way that gave her height and classic Hollywood glamor.

Kaley Cuoco did not make it work, unfortunately. Honestly, what made the look fail was not so much the dress as it was her makeup. The dark makeup juxtaposed the lightness of the dress in a very unflattering way that made her look washed out and sickly rather than young and healthy. Also, the slightly off the shoulder straps did not work for her shoulders because they made them look weak and slumpy rather than strong and broad.

Megan Fox looked sexy as always. I think she chose the light pink to down play her "I want to fuck you" face, but it didn't work. She still wants to fuck me.... and everyone in the world who stare into her icy blues.

Simple White

Simple white dresses give an air of classy elegance by subtly paying homage to classic Greek and Roman statues. White suggests purity, simplicity, and godliness. Plus, white stands out remarkably well against a red carpet. You can see why it would be such a popular choice for the Golden Globes.

Anne Hathaway used the dress remarkably well to show off her body. Thin from losing weight for her role as Fantine in Les Mis, she lacks the curves that she may have otherwise had. Still, when you look at her, the dress gives her shape by hugging her hips and showing them off. Her bust remains relatively simple so more focus goes to her face and hips. Also, her dark hair contrasts the bright white extremely well.

Amanda Seyfried wears a dress with subtle designs that actually mutes her body shape... but in a way that works! The high-necked dress bows out of the limelight to make her face and her beautiful cascading blonde hair the center of attention.

Lea Michele demonstrates the technique of showing off one part of the body while hiding the other. The sexy slit shows off her leg, but the high neck covers her bust. In this way she gives off a classy air while showing off "goddess legs". Especially with her olive skin, she looks like a Grecian goddess.

Complicated White

Because white is such a simple color, you can also do more complicated things with it. It's very versatile and can work with almost any body shape and skin tone. The ladies at the Golden Globes all knew what they were doing when going with this technique.

Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning gown that suggests that her body is only covered in glittering lace that hug her body like delicate frost on a window pane. I think she looks absolutely stunning. With an hourglass figure like hers, you might as well show it off! Although many conservative people are appalled by the dress, I see only elegance when I see her in it. Others find it boring because it is too reminiscent of her famous dress she wore to the Academy Awards last year. But hey, she knows what works on her.
Julianne Hough did the juxtaposition technique and it worked. Her top half has an edgy rock and roll look with a rocker up-do while wearing a tight top with gold metal beeds. The bottom half becomes softer with princess tool that flows from her hips in a manner reminiscent of a great white bird of some sort.

Isla Fisher wore a beaded white dress with such complicated bead work that it needed to be simple without much shape. She looked lovely in it, but had it been a plan white dress, it would have done nothing for her shape.

Red Dress

You can't go wrong with a red dress on the red carpet. Red is the color of love and fire, and both love and fire take on many forms and shapes. Red dresses work for several different looks... no matter if you want to go sporty, cute, or romantic.

Jennifer Lawrence dons a dress that was simple, almost a little tomboyish in simplicity, bit it worked on her body perfectly. The thin black belt make it work by giving focus and brings the attention to her thin waist. Perhaps she could have done something a little bit more with her hair, makeup, or neck to give a little bit more to her top half which looks a bit bare.

Zooey Deschanel wears a cute red dress that pops against her pale skin. The simple strand of pearls suggests a a playful vintage 1950's look. There something about the way that the sweetheart top hangs on her breasts that gives her a doll look.... like the dress was just thrown on a lovely porcelain doll. Despite this, it doesn't look like the dress is hanging loose on her.

Claire Danes wears a romantic red dress with a niftly shape above her waste that makes her look even curvier than she actually is. It's elegant and edgy, it tightens and loosens in all the right places; and she looks great in it!

Black With Geometric Shapes
This look is aimed to look like modern art on a female body. It's a bit of a cool contrast having geometric shapes on such a curvy figure. It manipulates the female form into something a bit foreign. Black is simple, slimming, and offers contrast against pale skinned women.

Katherine McPhee is a babe in her black gown! The top half does wonders to highlight broad feminine shoulders, and the bottom slit reveals her slender legs.

Julianne Moore chose a perfect look. This dress gives her a 1930's silhouette with strong shoulders and a tiny waist. The white lines are strategically placed to move the eye around the dress and make her look slimmer. Gorgeous.

Kirsten Wiig and her dress did nothing. If anything, the shape of the cut outs made her boobs look saggy. If the cut out was shaped differently, it may have had a different effect.

Black and Gold Power Dresses

If you want to look sophisticated, feminine, and powerful, wear a black and gold power dress. The simplicity of the black coupled with intricate gold accents makes the wearer look regal and confident like a queen.

Helen Mirren is my absolute favorite in this gown. The gold lines make her bust look bigger and her waist smaller. Again, it's all about the lines and how you use them, and this dress accentuates her body through suggestion rather than show. Classy and interesting. Way to go, Helen!

Kate Hudson looks so sophisticated in this dress. The black hugs her figure to slim her, and the gold at the neck and belt have a sun burst look that looks like something royalty would wear. The closure of gold at the neck is reminiscent of cape clasps on someone of old royal prestige. Her whole body is covered, save for the low dipped neckline which is flattering against her flat-ish chest.

Nicole Kidman knows how to work it in this gown. The straight angled lines on her waist makes her slim waist appear even slimmer, and the way the fabric hugs her hips and bust makes her very straight figure seem curvaceous.

High Neck/ High waist Dresses

This look can make you or break you as demonstrated by the celebrities below. This look works best on very thin, long-necked women with squared shoulders. When it works, it can look extremely regal... when it doesn't...

Kristen Bell looks terrible in this baby blue gown. Although she has the body to pull off the dress, the dress just doesn't work. Because it doesn't hug her nick tightly, the dress makes her look like she has no neck. It hugs her shoulders so well that it makes them look too rounded rather than squared. She looks stiff and robotic, which is strange being that the bottom portion of the dress is so flowy. The grecian flowiness doesn't work with this type of dress. It's all about the lines, and this dress's lines didn't move the eye around her figure in a flattering matter. A reader pointed out that she is pregnant. This wasn't the dress for her.

Michelle Dockery looks stunning in this gown. The reason this one works is because it hugs her slender neck and the shoulders are exaggerated to give them more form. The sleaves and bottom of the top are angled downwards into a flattering feminine "V" shape. This moves the eye around the dress. Also, this dress hugs her form and shows off her natural curves which also add to moving the eye around her figure in a pleasing way. Gold and white is an unusual combination, but it works and gives a nod to both the Victorian era, and bizarrely enough, Siamese dancers. Mysterious and classic, this dress is one of my favorites.

Good Idea, Horribly Implemented

Lucy Liu ... where do I begin? The shape of the dress is really great on her; I love the nod to 18th century court dresses. However, the color and the pattern ruins the whole thing. The patterns are placed all over the place, but not in a random way: in a way that looks like it was sewn together by an amateur! Also, the light blue looks terrible against her skin and the flowers are simply ugly.

Taylor Swift looks great in her plum dress, except for one thing: it's terribly wrinkly! Take care of your clothes, Taylor!

Doesn't Fit Right!

Sally Field wants to show off her neck job? Fine, but this dress doesn't fit right on her at all in the bust. It was made for a woman with a plump, squeezable breasts. Flat chested people are hot too, but they should wear a dress that fits their bust other wise they'll just look ridiculous!

Alyssa Milano picked a bright sunset dress that could have looked lovely, but she needed to hem the bottom or wear higher heels. I wonder how many times she tripped throughout the night?

Lena Dunham had no idea what she was doing. The dress looks so heavy and stiff and it looks 5 sizes too big for her. The shape of the bust and the hips insinuate the dress was made for someone with large exaggeratted curves who is much taller than Lena. Lena is so elf-like she should have used that to her advantage and gone with something lighter with layers, see-through fabric, or delicate lace.

Trying Too Hard

 Helena Bonham Carter, you are an amazing actress with the most eerily beautiful eyes ever, but you don't have to be stuck in 1990's goth-land forever... even if you are married to Tim Burton. If Hot Topic has moved away from Goth, so should you. Instead of looking edgy and artistic, Helena looks unoriginal, outdated, and cheap.

Eva Longoria seems like she is trying way too hard to be a sex symbol. The low neck AND the high slit coupled with all that black lace make it seem like she is desperate for a good lay. You can be sexy without being slutty, and this isn't how to do it.

But let's end on a high note shall we? The runners up for Fan Pic are: Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway!

And now for the announcement of the #1 Fan Pic! I have to say, I'm really happy about this one; it was one of my favorites as well. The drum roll please! *imagine dramatic drum roll"


Michelle Dockery!

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