Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Does It Feel Like To Be A Hot Girl Who Gets Old?

I'd like to share a link from about nifty vantage points from beautiful women who have aged. The article starts off featuring a model from the 80's and how she dealt with aging, and then it is commented on by a woman in her 70's sharing her perspective. Though both viewpoints are worth the read, I thought that the second woman added dynamite humor and a perspective I had never thought of before: the invisibility of the elderly. Check it out and let me know what you think!

What Does It Feel Like To Be A Hot Girl Who Gets Old?

Not that everything has to be about Hollywood, but I like using celebrities as examples because a wide audience will know what I'm talking about. Here are some of my favorite female celebrities who are still landing powerful roles even when they are "passed their prime".

Judi Dench, age 79: Most recently starred in Skyfall as the famous Bond character "M"
Helen Mirren, age 68: Most recently starred in Hitchcock, Red, and The Queen
Maggie Smith, age 79: Currently starring in Downton Abbey and recently famous for her role in Harry Potter
Bette Midler, age 68: Most recently in the movie Parental Guidance and is still active with her music
Cher, age 67: Most recently in Burlesque, and still is active through her music and tv show appearances

Also, you may like a blog I wrote a while ago where I showed pictures of famous celebrities such Audrey Hepburn and Jane Seymour in both their 20's and 50's called The Golden Age.